Ethno Marketing

Our slogan “service and quality are our strengths” is at the same time to be a guide for our Ethno-marketing system, the new language of the internet… On this page SternNET is striking for the goal to provide this service in the virtual world best possible, by using his own working model and by introducing a further innovation, that is the transfer of the active marketing of products into the virtual world. Ethno-marketing oriented you are able to find a various amount of products in our virtual shops and with the guarantee of SternNET and thus in a practicable and secure way to find out how to and by whose responsibility to get these products. Our goal as SternNET and with our active participation, while purchasing the products according to the individual budgets, is, to gain the internet user for the active trade of products and to make the marketing of products more secure on the basis of trustful business connections. First of all the goal is to gain the interest of the internet user for this way of marketing the products and secondly to gain them as customer and guarantee the getting together of trade partners by using the Ethno-marketing system.