Our business conditions

1. Order is valid after signing by the order giver.
2. With the advertisements or entry order the ordering party appreciates the general Terms and Conditions of SternNET. Verbal side arrangements are invalid. The AGB or this one is valid terms of payment changes only at a written confirmation by SternNET.
3. Minimum term of the contract is 12 months; the contract {prolongs itself under the same conditions by another legal year respectively if a written notice isn’t carried out at the SternNET 3 months before expiry of the contract.
A cancellation of the order is possible only within 7 working days after signing of the entry application. In this case SternNET is entitled to lift up contra-entry costs in the amount of 25% of the order value.
5. No liability is assumed for a temporal delay of the publication date. Claims to compensation, elimination or fulfillment are excluded at non-appearance on the Internet, missing, wrong or partly wrong entries. Claims of obvious faults only can be taken into account if they are carried out within 30 day after the appearance. As an appearance stay on the Internet the first day is for the publication of the ordered entry.
6. Alone the ordering party is responsible for the contents of the entry. SternNET isn’t liable for form, contents, degree of truth and competition legal questions. The ordering party guarantees that contents of the entry given by him don’t violate any rights of third parties. SternNET may block the Internet presence of the customers if it is noticed that rights of third parties are violated by the entry.
7. The ordering party delivers texts, logos, artworks or the complete design of the ordered entries.
8. Changes of entries are possible in the given period. If SternNET doesn’t have change wishes returned within this period, {it is regarded as approved.
9. Changes of entries are possible in the given period. If SternNET doesn’t have change wishes returned within this period, { it is regarded as approved.
10. The payment is due only on receipt of the entry application at the SternNET.
11. The time of the appearance applies to the calculation of the turnover-/ value added tax. If the legislator doesn’t stipulate another regulation, an after-calculation or if necessary a remuneration is carried out at an interim change of the VAT rate.
12. Be due invoice figures paid interest 8% p.a. as of the first reminder, costs for the first reminder for 5. euros for the second reminder 7.50 euros.
13. SternNET has hyperlinks to Internet pages of advertising customers on these sides. Applies to all these hyperlinks: SternNET particularly dissociates itself from all contents of the conned Internet pages and doesn’t make itself these contents too own.

Legal Note: With judgement of May 12th, 1998 the district court Hamburg has decided that one has if necessary to accept the responsibility for the contents of the conned Internet page by the production of a hyperlink. This knows so the district court Hamburg which is only preventing that one particularly dissociates himself from these contents. Berlin is place of performance and place of jurisdiction…

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